Nadya Cahyaningsih

Typography Study Case (UI/UX Design Bootcamp)


Typography Study Overview

This study’s goal is how we can mix minimal resources (typeface) into something that we can use. And have an impact. You may seeing some book covers, usually it only have minimal object, And the goal is how to make people buy the book, but keeping it minimal as possible.


how to make impactful piece, with minimal resources, and should be different from other


Moodboard That I Used For Finding Ideas

To make it, I’m trying to find some other examples for contrast. because contrast is a good way to attract the human eye and will make it unique. so people can see our piece immediately. And I choose quotes from a film called, “Tenki No Ko” or “Weathering With You” in english.


I chose a very contrasting color. Hot pink in a warm tone and Mint in cool tone. Cream color as a connecting color. So It will make it stand. And, to re-create the moment when the actor said that word. I make it come lower in every line (he said it when he fell into a cloud to catch the girl). And i make it become so many word, to proving that, from that many word, we only “need” choose one to read, and only “need” one to choose one thing that we love.

Color Pallete For The Piece


This is the final product, I make mint as the background, putting cream color to connect this color. and hot pink for contrast. I’m trying to make a skyfall effect so I choose some words from top to bottom.

The Final Product For Typography Study

A newcomer UI/UX Designer